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The Evolution of the Rolex Datejust: From 1945 to Now

Explore the evolution of the Rolex Datejust from 1945 to now. Discover its history, design, models, and value retention. Learn how to care for your pre-owned Datejust.

The Great Rolex Recession: How the Fed Crushed Luxury Watch Demand

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Rolex Prices Continue to Decline on Secondary Market

Discover why Rolex prices have been declining on the secondary market and how it compares to other luxury watch brands. Learn about the factors contributing to this trend and its impact on collectors and buyers. Explore the role of rising interest rates and the volatility of cryptocurrencies in this market decline. Find out how this shift in the market presents both challenges and opportunities for Rolex.

Rolex Prices Drop as Cheaper Rivals Outperform

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The Best New Watch Releases in 2023

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The Beckhams Matched Their Engagement Rings with Rolex Yacht-Masters

Discover how the Beckhams’ iconic choice of matching Rolex Yacht-Master watches for their engagement shoot in 1998 showcased their avant-garde style and cemented their status as fashion goals. Explore the significance and timeless appeal of the Yacht-Master, along with its updated models and other celebrities who adore this luxurious timepiece.

New GM takes the helm at Bigham Jewelers

Discover the exciting new chapter at Bigham Jewelers as Gus Komninos takes charge as the new general manager. With his expertise in finance and a commitment to excellence, Bigham Jewelers is ready to reach new heights of success under his leadership.

Therabody Wave Solo Review

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QUINEAR Air Compression Leg Recovery System Review

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BackBadger Percussive Massage Gun Holder Review

Experience unparalleled massage therapy with the Ninefold Design BackBadger Percussive Massage Gun Holder. Target hard-to-reach areas and enjoy a precise and effective massage. Securely strap your massage gun in place and enjoy the benefits of a professional massage therapy anytime. Take your massage therapy to new heights with BackBadger!