Pranayama for Beginners

By | 31 January 2022

Pranayama for Beginners
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Pranayama is one of the eight limbs of yoga. It simply means the art (ayama) of breathing (prana). The other seven limbs are: Yama: moral restraints Niyama: observances Asana: body postures Pratyahara: sense withdrawal Dharana: concentration Dhyana: meditation Samadhi: super consciousness In this video I aim to give you a crash course for pranayama, aimed at beginners wanting to get started. After watching this video you should have a basic understanding of pranayama and why it is important for your practice. Further, I go over some techniques of pranayama, from breath awareness to breath retention, with a focus on breath retention. I also go over some common questions beginners ask about pranayama.

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